Feedbacks on LOGA001...

Dr.Fish (UK / Avon Calling)
"Have listened through the tracks and all are absolutely wicked! Will be receiveing full support from me! Bad Tango remix is pure sickness! Will be giving one or more of the tunes a play on my radio show this Tuesday and at my upcoming shows!"

Kultur & Colombo (ESP/Metamorph)
"Waoooh! What a first release for the Logariddim label! Welcome to Breaks scene and more!! Support from our Metamorph Masterpieces show in the next weeks and also in our live sets."

Hedflux (UK / Broken Robot)
"I love both mixes but Bad Tango remix is the one for me. I've been playing it in all my sets for a while and it always gets the crowd going. 5/5"

Far Too Loud (UK / Funkatech)
"The release is great... all mixes have something to offer, but I have to choose one to play out and I think it will be the Bad Tango remix. Will be playing it in Manchester tonight..."

LuQas (UK / Dead Famous Rec.)
"Super strong start here from Logariddim, I really like all mixes. Favourite mix has to go Bad Tango for his sublime synth work."

Monk3ylogic (UK / Liquid Rec.)
"We are really impressed with both the distinct styles from the artists in this release which really shine through in each track. A really good first release from another exciting new label for 2011."

Daniella Downs (UK/Dead Famous)
"This is a really good release. If this is your first release, i say kudos to you!"

Orzels Machine (UK/Trick Music)
"Fav mix is the Bad Tango one for the tech funk squelchez!"

Andy Faze (UK / VIM Rec.)
"Massive debut release! Can't really pick a favourite. Full support in my shows and mixes!"

Fletric (RS / Raveart Rec.)
"Amazing first release on Logariddim from man himself followed with 3 top remixes. If U continue with releases like this label is going to shout high really quickly. Bad Tango Remix is probably gonna have most plays from me but all tracks are amazing. Great work guys!"

Quextal (UK / NSB Radio)
"I've been looking forward to the launch of Logariddim ever since it was announced, but seriously, what a way to start! Basically I'll be playing the hell out of all of them... :)"

RUNE Records (UKR)
"I liked all of the release! To summarize, I want to congratulate you, guys, once more and to tell you that you have chose the Right Path! ;)"

Unconscious Mind(s) (UK / Psychoactive)
"Excuse my language..... f*** amazing, great original and a top top selection of remixes, awesome work guys :D Only problem is which one to play??? If you forced me to pick one it would be the original but that wouldn't do justice to the others!!!"

LOGA001 (10th Feb. 2011)

Triple Agent - Explorer

Yes it’s happening. The first Logariddim Records offspring is ready to explore the world.

Out in the stores: NOW!

Triple Agent - Explorer

Original Mix

Logariddim co-owner & psybreaks maestro Triple Agent himself, presents us with his new track „Explorer“, a bundle of finest psychedelic techfunk sounds.

Bad Tango Remix

Another twisted squelchy „Explorer“ version comes from UK’s most wanted psybreaks newcomer Bad Tango. His fresh & frisky style takes us to a next level in the psybreaks circus.

Project Synthetic Remix

Directly from the desert of middle east, Bahrain based producer Project Synthetic, delivered us a
fullon psybreaks remix of „Explorer“.In short: this is the atmospheric, experimental & energizing
twin of the original…

Peter Paul Remix

Spanish breaks stormtrooper Peter Paul shows us why he’s one of the most popular producers
on the European breaks scene. His melodic edition of „Explorer“, will bring techbreaks lovers into an euphoric mood…