Artist feedbacks about LOGA005...

Hedflux (UK / Broken Robot)
"Both tracks are brilliant and have been getting heavy rotation from me during my Australian tour. Great to see Triple Agent back on form with two relentless trippy dance floor workouts! Love em!"

Far Too Loud (UK / Funkatech)
"Congrats on the release, chunky and funky!!"

Bad Tango (UK / Broken Robot)
"Exceptional package here with a really unique take on the psy breaks sound. Hard to choose a favourite, but if i had to i'd go for 'Pistols and Spaceships'. Quality stuff!"

Llupa (AUS / Disc Breaks, NSB)
"get to see ya back! loving these - both have a cool angle that sets them apart. Unterwelt is prob my fave with it's deeper vibe."

MartOpetEr (FR / Broken Robot)
"Both tracks are very efficient ... My favorite is "Pistols & Spaceships", this one has an electro- / psy-feeling that will be very usefull on the dancefloor for sure!!! "Unterwelt" is very dope as well! Will definitly support the two tracks!!"

LuQas (UK / Dead Famous Rec.)
"Loving these 2, so much atmosphere in the tracks but both still deep and driving. Full support!"

Snook (UK / Broken Robot)
"Unterwelt wins out of the two for me, very cool tune! Best wishes for the release! Snook"

Andy Faze (UK / VIM Rec.)
"2 Bombs here from Luk, both solid tunes! Unterwelt is absoloutley wicked! Loving that bassline and the production is spot on - more like this please! Full support!"

Fisso & Spark (AUT / Kick It Rec.)
"Full support! Thanks!"

Fletric (RS / Raveart Rec.)
"This is freekin' amazing release, I've been waiting long for this one. Both tracks are jam packed top notch psybreaks monsters with unbelievable energy vibe. 'Unterwelt' is something straight outa other dimension, I still cant grasp on how much I love the track. I'll be spinning these quite a lot. Thanks"

Quextal (UK / NSB Radio)
"The production and engineering on both tracks is top quality - the overall sound is fat without being morbidly obese, and the details are finely honed. In short: LOVE."

RUNE Records (UKR)
"This is clear sound of proper psybreaks! I really like both the tracks, but "Pistols and Spaceships" is my fav, cuz always prefer more psychedelic and melodic music. 8/10 Big up, Luk!"

LOGA005 (27th Nov 2012)

Triple Agent – Pistols & Spaceships EP

Swiss psybreaks wizzard Triple Agent is back with a new EP. The time is right to leave planet earth and step into new realms of zero gravity.


pdf, 310.1K, 11.11.2012, 1487 downloads

Out in the stores: 27th Nov 2012

Triple Agent – Pistols & Spaceships

Original Mix

"Pistols & Spaceships" is best described as a space opera fully charged of energy that you can feel physically. The co-founder of Logariddim Records has created a fantastic soundtrack for space travellers and galaxy hitchhikers.

Triple Agent – Unterwelt

Original Mix

The second EP track "Unterwelt" chasing you down to Hades. With cutting-edge synthesizer Funk and strong bass rhythms, this tune has the spirit of a furious horse on acid. Chuck out your valerian drops and explore your wild side.