Artist & Shop feedback about LOGA007...

MartOpetEr (FR / Broken Robot)
"Both tracks are very gooooood!!! The Riddler is such a good producer that we couldn't expect less than that... Full support!"

Llupa (AUS / Disc Breaks, NSB)
"Damn, there is so much groove squeezes into these 2 tunes. The man has a very cool sound from the strutting groove of One Day to the more peaktime rinse of Debeli. these will get lots of love from here."

LuQas (UK / Dead Famous Rec.)
"Wow! I hear so many tracks sounding the same and struggling to stand out from the crowd. These just shine! Full of energy and 100% unique, great stuff :)"

Snook (UK / Broken Robot)
"Sounding great! Loads of energy and really tight production!"

Andy Faze (UK / VIM Rec.)
"Both really cool and interesting tunes. I prefer One Day Celebrity, with its more funkier and laid back groove."

Fletric (RS / Raveart Rec.)
"Niceee, glad to see The Riddler signed for Logariddim. The guy is insanely good musician and number 1 Serbian producer by my opinion and many others . These two tracks are here as a proof but make sure to check all his work as well."

Quextal (UK / NSB Radio)
"Debeli Gmaz: Now this is the business. Serious heavyweight shenanigans. People are gonna need a little lie down after this one..."

RUNE Records (UKR)
"Glad to see another cool EP from Logariddim Records! Both tracks sound awesome, my pick is "One Day Celebrity" :)"

LOGA007 (18th October 2013)

The Riddler - One Day Celebrity EP

LOGA007 has landed! We are very happy to present you two brandnew tracks from the Serbian music genius Goran Juric better known as “The Riddler”.

He has a big impact on the EDM scene with his unique style which combines psytrance, house and electro and has released numerous tracks and EPs. Two “The Riddler” full length albums and three albums with his main psytrance project “Talpa”.

Now Goran shows us another creative side of “The Riddler”. With “ONE DAY CELEBRITY EP” he takes us on musical journey through Breaks and Tech-Funk combined/mixed with the “riddler”’s trademark: playful melodies and razor-sharp synthesizer riffs. A dancefloor attack!


pdf, 227K, 02.10.2013, 1550 downloads

Out in the stores: 18th October 2013

The Riddler – One Day Celebrity

Original Mix

A punchy electro Tech-Funk racer filled with sparkling effects, smart musical transitions and uplifting melodic elements.

The Riddler – Debeli Gmaz

Original Mix

Debeli Gmaz means fat bastard – and this is what You get here! Stomping grooves and diverse melodic ideas - a stunning musical journey with fat and crunchy beats bearing “The Riddlers” unique high quality sound signature.