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Unconscious Mind(s) (Remixer)

Southampton (UK)

Unconscious Mind(s) is the psychedelic two-sided creation of Darren Slaney-Hutchins, Producer/DJ and co-founder of the legendary "Hard Acid Style" boat parties.

This project brings together the hardest and most twisted elements of psy-trance and psy-breaks whilst retaining the euphoric nature of these genres.

Based in the UK, Darren is a life-long lover of music of all styles with a comprehensive background in performance throughout the UK either in bands or as a DJ. His love of dance music developed in the late 90's and has evolved with a passion for the interesting and gripping nature of psychedelic dance music.

Bad Tango - Analogue Hedgehog
(Unconscious Mind(s) Remix)

Loga003 - Out on 27th Dec. 2011